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Licenses / Credentials
  • TRCC Builder Lic #40801
  • Professional Kitchen Designer
  • Kitchen Design, Bath Design
  • Custom Cabinet Fabrication/Installation
  • Residential Remodeling/Framing
  • Construction Coordinator


30 Years Of Wood Crafting Experience

Allow Us To Create The Reality From Your Dream!

Proudly Serving Austin, Bastrop, and Surrounding Areas.

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JK Woodworks was established in 1989 by master craftsman Jim Kesterson.  Jim brings to Central Texas over 30 years of wood crafting experience from throughout the world. Starting out as a Navy SeaBee, Jim literally ran construction projects while under fire.  Now settled in the countryside of Bastrop, Jim built the JK Woodworks facilities to deliver his unique creations to the finest homes and institutions to Austin and surrounding areas.

We our now staffed to extend our services into Remodeling and Additions for your home and business. Allow us to create the reality from your dream.

It all begins with a personal meeting at your residence or business to hear your ideas. We can craft pieces in many styles from Traditional, European and Modern. However, the final creation will be individually designed for you.

Cabinetry Solutions for Austin, Tx and Central Texas

When it comes to building or remodeling, it’s impossible to beat the quality of custom-made cabinets. Unlike stock cabinets from a large home supply store, cabinets built by JK Woodworks are built to your exact specifications. There is no limit on available styles, wood types or finishes, and the size is only limited by your available space. Installing custom cabinets can also give you a great return on your investment of over 30%.

No matter what room or space you have in mind, JK Woodworks can provide a storage solution to suit your needs. Custom cabinets are made to exacting measurements. You won’t find any of those filler strips that are so often needed in stock cabinets, and this means more usable space.

JK Woodworks can offer cabinets designed to fit your exact space and provide customized storage that can help you arrange and access your belongings more easily. Also, if you have any odd corners or hard-to-fit spaces, custom cabinets can be created just for that space, something that would be nearly impossible with ready made cabinets. With careful planning and designing, custom cabinets can also be the perfect answer to maximizing a small space.

Determining Your Budget

You’ll need to have a budget when planning your cabinets, so start by deciding what features are going to be a must-have. Approximately 20% of your budget for a new or remodeled kitchen will go toward the cabinetry.  For example, a high end kitchen, with new floors, appliances, plumbing, lighting, etc might set you back about $75k so you can plan about $15k of that will be in cabinetry.  If you’re putting time and energy into a building or remodeling project, you don’t want to cut corners with your cabinetry. Custom cabinets are going to provide you with quality that will last. Keep in mind that you’re making a long term investment in your home. A knowledgeable craftsman from JK Woodworks can sit down with you and help you put together a budget that will work for you.

JK Woodworks will look at how you use a room and what types of storage and work areas will work best for you. If you use your kitchen a lot, then you’ll need more storage and countertop surfaces, while someone that just heats ready made meals in the small appliance needs very little space. The same applies to the bathroom and your personal requirements. These are all factors that JK Woodworks will take into consideration when helping you to determine your budget.

Actually, quality custom cabinetry from JK Woodworks might not be as expensive as you think. Pricing can vary significantly, based on the type of cabinets and the materials you choose. Of course, exotic hardwoods, high end accessories and intricate trim details will add to the cost, but you can have beautiful custom made cabinets for almost the same cost of quality stock cabinets. The cost depends on the final choices you make for your cabinets.

Designing Your Custom Cabinets

In planning your new kitchen or remodeling project, you might be working with a general contractor, an architect or a designer. It’s possible that you already have a set of plans. Or you may just have an idea, a rough drawing or some pictures you’ve found in magazines. Wherever you are in the planning stage of your project, JK Woodworks can create the perfect custom cabinets for you. They will help you to plan out your design and select the cabinets that will work best for your project and your budget.

Whether you have plans or need them drawn up, JK Woodworks will help create the cabinets you want. They can help you choose the type of cabinets you want, along with the wood, finish, cabinet hardware and accessories. After your plans are in place, JK Woodworks can then begin creating your cabinets and make sure they arrive on-site in time for installation.

Getting Exactly What You Want

A handy do-it-yourselfer may be able to hang stock cabinets, but creating custom cabinets is a true craft best suited to the hands of JK Woodworks. Custom cabinetry work is a very detail-oriented trade, focusing on true design skills and creativity. You can never get the same look and feel with stock cabinets.

Custom built cabinets mean you’re getting exactly what you want. They fit perfectly into your existing space with no waste hidden behind filler strips. You’re going to get personalized service when working with a Jk Woodworks, something you won’t get if you buy your cabinets off the shelf. The design possibilities are almost limitless when you choose to install custom made cabinets. A well-designed and planned out space will be more efficient, no matter what the size. If you’re planning new construction or a renovation, have a look at custom made cabinets.

If you can dream it, JK Woodworks can create it.